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My name is Sarah, and I am one year away from 40. I have three little crazy pumpkins, a gorgeous husband, and two whiskered black Meow-meows (I call them that as they are quite talkative when they see me).


I am a 3rd generation herbalist. My Oma had a considerable interest in herbal healing in Germany, making use of many of Maria Treben's herbal remedies for family and friends. I find it so wonderful that it runs in the family.


Herbal healing has always fascinated me and found the green spark that drove my passion for herbs once I started having my own children 10 years ago. This passion grew steadily over the years as I dove into herbal books, research, and study.

I have a Master Herbalist Diploma, a few more herbalist certificates, and studying still! I just cannot stop learning about herbs! Half our garden is dedicated to herbs and home-grown veggies too


Sara's Apothecary came about because I LOVE to share the amazing things I make that has helped myself, my family, and so many other people with everyday ailments, aches and pains that can easily be remedied and soothed at home.


I create EVERYTHING from beginning to end.

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All my products are made with 100% natural ingredients. I try to avoid as many unnatural and unnecessary packaging as possible in order to make it environmentally friendly. My labels are made from paper adhesives so that they can be washed off containers easily for reuse!

All my products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. I use only honey, beeswax, and propolis from local beekeepers that are badger friendly compliant.

The images, illustrations, and photos of my products are my own creations and may not be downloaded and used in any commercial aspect for personal gain or business. If you would like to use my images, please message me as there are terms and conditions attached. This also applies to my blog posts.

I work very hard to create everything myself when it comes to my "brand", so please respect it.


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