Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Elderberry syrup is really something special. In Germany it was normal in the past to have a large elderberry bush (Sambucus nigra L.) growing in every garden. It was supposed to protect against lightning and evil spirits - and that's exactly what it does! Because when you have the flu, you definitely feel like you've angered some spirits. If you then drink elderflower tea, you sweat and the fever goes down, and when taking the berries in the form of a syrup, the flu (or cold) can be overcome more quickly.

Elderberries have an antiviral effect

Comprehensive scientific studies on the anti-flu and antiviral effects of elderberry have long been available, so that the black berries of the gnarled bush can also be used officially as an effective flu remedy.

More flu antibodies thanks to elderberry

As early as 2001, a double-blind and placebo-controlled study was published in which an elderberry extract was shown to be effective against various flu viruses and was able to reduce the duration of the flu by three to four days. When the subjects' blood was tested, the elderberry group had significantly more flu antibodies than the placebo group.

Elderberry can accompany the therapy of many diseases

In view of the fact that conventional medicine has no convincing aids ready for either the flu or colds, elderberries are a real blessing. They activate the immune system and relieve it at the same time, so that they can also be used as an adjunct to the therapy of many other diseases, including cancer. Elderberries speed up recovery and subsequent regeneration from illness.

Duration of flu is reduced by four days

In 2004, the Journal of International Medical Research reported that elderberries have been prescribed in folk medicine for centuries to treat influenza, colds, sinus infections and other respiratory problems. The antiviral effect of elderberries also makes them an aid against herpes.

If you now take 15 ml of elderberry syrup four times a day for five days, the duration of the flu is reduced by an average of four days and you need lower doses of the typical flu medication. Researchers acknowledge elderberry syrup as an inexpensive, safe, and effective remedy for flu.

Elderberry also has a very good preventive effect

according to Dr Madeleine Mumcuoglu, an Israeli virologist at Hadassah-Hebrew University, elderberry inactivates the enzymes that viruses normally use to invade the mucous membrane cells of their victims' nose or throat. Therefore, elderberries are not only therapeutic, but also preventive.

Elderberry syrup is wonderfully quick to make yourself. The ingredients are available almost everywhere. Only the elderberries - if you don't have fresh ones available and want to buy them dried - are not available everywhere. But of course they are available to purchase in my shop here :)

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I have put together my personal and favourite elderberry syrup recipe that I always make for our household. It not only has amazing added healing properties, but it also tastes just like Kinderpunsch - this is the non-alcoholic version for Glühwein for the kiddies and grown ups too. It tastes delicious!

Take 1 tablespoon three to four times a day for 5 days. Use half the dosage for children under the age of 12 years old.

Also adding a white background recipe for those who wish to print it out.

P.S. I did all the illustrations - aren't they so cute :)

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