Evening Relaxation Wine DIY


The sight of it is called "the blue wonder of the south", and its fragrance delights the hearts of many as the epitome of Mediterranean beauty. It should be used sparingly in the kitchen, otherwise its aroma could mask others unpleasant ones that might be important to pick up on.

However, few can resits a delicious lavender and honey parfait or peach jam with the scent of lavender.

It is mainly used in cosmetics and perfume production.

Interestingly, Julius Caesar, like many Romans, soaked themselves in

a lavender bath for relaxation and muscle recovery. This explains its name:

Lavare means to wash in Latin.

Of course one can add a few extra herbs to enhance the flavours as well as for added relaxation/de-stressing.

Some ideas: Lemon Balm goes wonderfully well with Lavender. It adds a touch of minty lemon freshness and relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and so much more!

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