Honey Onion Syrup/Infusion

As the weather starts turning, there are always coughs and sniffles in my house (3 pumpkins and a husband). Apart from the Elderberry syrup, another amazing go-to for me is the Honey Onion infusion, which my daughter "lovingly" calls: HONION syrup, helps relieve coughs and sore throats so well, that my children are willing to get past the onion and garlic taste.

I will no lie, it is not the best tasting combination, but we gulp it down followed by apple or orange juice to wash that strong taste down. Faces contorted in disgust are allowed ;)

This is my personal recipe that I have put together as it boosts the immune system while relieving the symptoms and irritations of coughs and colds.

It does help to warm the syrup by placing the glass jar in a pot with warm water and letting it draw out that extra last bit of goodness - do not let the water simmer or boil as, but hot water is fine, as this will destroy some important active constituents in the honey, the onion, and the herbs.

Take 1 tbsp three to four times a day for 5 days or until the cough and sore throat have eased.

Both dried and fresh herbs can be used.

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