Propolis Honey Salve

When I first made my Honey Propolis Salve I had some doubts - it was thick and sticky! Not at all like all my other salves and balms I had made in the past. But boy, was I in for a wonderful surprise! Not only does it work wonders, but it also smells deliciously of honey!

This salve is just absolutely incredible. It has, in fact, become my favourite salve to use! I remember researching and putting together this recipe - that it is wonderful for:

  • light burns,

  • skin rashes,

  • healing minor wounds

  • and bug bites

I use only local organic honey, beeswax, and propolis - perhaps this is also another reason for that extra amazing boost.

Being a family of five with three wild children (how they are meant to be of course 🤪), we have daily bumps, scrapes, and bruises. Especially during summer, when our South African sun is blazing down on our soft little skins, it is so important to make sure we are all protecting ourselves from the harsh sunlight. Even slapping on a whole bottle of sunblock doesn't always help, and every now and again the children will swim too long during the hot days and come evening the moans and groans start about tender skin on the back.

Recently, we had such a case here in our humble abode. I did not hesitate and snatched my Honey Porpolis salve and started gently applying it on burnt backs - WOW what a relief it brought to my poor pumpkins! It instantly brought relief and after 2 more applications the following day, everything was right as rain again.

I even had my own situation of a very sore leg wax session and was left with an extreme red inflammation (I have very sensitive skin!). I came home and decided to mix the sticky honey propolis salve with pure aqueous cream (50/50) and it worked like a charm!

Another example, my daughter had a bad scrape on her knee that just wouldn't heal. I applied the honey propolis salve one evening and in the morning she had completely forgotten about her knee, after a week of complaining!

Needless to say, this salve is really a blessing to have as part of my home apothecary!

So what makes this salve so incredible? Let's take a look:


Honey is one of natures most revered skin healing remedies. It is has both antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and aids the healing process of the skin.


Propolis has many amazing properties, such as: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antimycotic, antifungal, and much more!


Beeswax creates a protective layer on the skin, it helps retain moisture, and also has skin healing properties.

If you would like to purchase this salve, you can get it here.

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